Friday, May 8, 2009

Common, Snake Eyes!

I love fonts.

I know that Times New Romans is the default font for virtually every professional document, but I really like this one, Palino Linotype. It's so much cleaner looking, very bold, and modern.

The other reason I like it, the reason that may have pushed my "like" to "love", is that I changed the font of a story I've been working on and my page count went from 37 to 44.

Fuck. Yes.

Normally, I wouldn't turn it in like that and would stick with TNR because that's just how shit goes down. However, my prof has been such a jackass to me. See below for proof, if you're interested.

Would you be highly or moderately opposed to my turning in Bailey's story by Sunday since that was supposedly the days I emailed you pages?

I just want to know before Friday rolls around :)


I am leaving town either this afternoon or tomorrow morning, and the only way to change your grade, given that it was essentially an incomplete carried over from the fall, is to physically do so in the registrar's office. So, you can turn in your pages by Sunday, but I won't be able to change your grade until September . . .

We should have talked about the turn-in date.

September is too late to have my grade changed since they configure GPA's and transcripts and such to have our diplomas printed and ready to pick up by June or July.

I am a little flustered about how this is panning out, grade-wise because it will probably have a bearing on whether or not I receive honors on my diploma (the little stars they throw on there), given that I wasn't aware than an "incomplete" translates to a "C" grade.

Do you think the Registrar's office will amend my grade with an email from you, rather than an actual form handed to them? In the past, they have accepted a professor's email versus the paper version to complete an add/drop form, but I am just anxious to seek out another option.

The turn-in date? It's the end of the semester, end of finals week, and the pages were actually due at the end of last semester . . . Unless I'm reading this wrong, it sounds like you're laying the blame for this one me . . . Also, an incomplete grade can translate into whatever the professor deems appropriate. I could've easily told them it should translate into a D or an F, but I thought I'd give you a break . . . I will check with the registrar's office today, but, in the meantime, please get your pages done, because this is taking way too long to complete itself.

Sorry, Professor, I did not mean for my response to lay blame on you. I simply want to know if there is a way we can get my final grade to the Registrar's office before they process my diploma.

I am also sorry my frustration with my pages is frustrating you, as well. I am working to get pages to you as best as I can.

Okay. Here's what I can do for you. If you send me your pages tomorrow, I will send Dawn an e-mail specifying your grade change, and she will fill out the form and take it to the registrar's office on Monday, with my e-mail serving as my signature. I want to encourage you, though, to get these pages to me asap because Dawn needs to do this on Monday, so that we can get everything in order. Will this work for you? Thanks.

Yes. I will email you pages by tomorrow.

By what time, just so I'm clear?

I appreciate your help a lot.

This professor has been a constant pain in my ass this semester. We get along better as people, not student-teacher. He's too fucking sensitive! I mean, really.

Sorry, I wanted to talk about how excited I am to have 44 pages out of the 50 I need, and instead I'm ranting about someone whose sensitivity is a thorn in my side.

Anyway, back to writing! I may have 44 pages, but I need 50. Yeaaaaa