Monday, May 21, 2012

Stranger Danger

When I go on a cleaning rampage, I become much like a black hole. Anything I see that I have lost interest in, is crumpled, got holes, melted, grew bacteria, whatever--I load it into a bag for the almighty dumpster. I also rearrange the items that survive my destruction, because anything that passes through the other side of the black hole deserves prime real estate around my room.

I do this once in a while to things on my computer, email, etc. This week I was reunited with this blog and got all hot and bothered by my college level writing style. It was pretty surprising to me to see how eloquent I was back in college, how removed I was from feeling too much; well, I guess I didn't write about too many emotional things, but still.

Obviously, I had to try and reconnect myself with my blog self. I love that woman. While I plowed through files to Sind out what my username and password information is for the login to this blog, I started to think all the effort wasn't worth it. But then, everything came together, and I got very happy because.. I found data.

Blogger has data about my blog.

And apparently, I have a demographic. My readers prefer using Internet Explorer and read a lot about my Martin Luther King Jr post, which is one of my favorites (I'm a narcissist, yes).

I'm really glad I fought my way back to my blogosphere to say hello to my readers abroad :) a lot of you find me on Google, apparently, so I know you can Google Translate this:

Hello, and I hope you don't get hit too hard by my harsh letters.