Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Amoje" is gangsta short for "Amore"

I have this friend who is very much like me--a sarcastic, witty, BBW. The only thing is that sometimes she is sarcastic and mixes an ounce of truth in her statements. For example, if she said to you, "I think bunnies are the most amazing creatiures to eat even though they are not very cute." At the end of the week, she would tell you that she is sad no one has bought her a bunny.

There was a sort of mix-up like this a while ago, and I have been fighting my way out of incredibly awkward situations between myself and the guy she likes. This is difficult since I am already awkward around guys! Can you see my predicament here? Awkward girl trying to make an awkward situation not awkward. That does not work.

However, I still want to make my friend happy. What would make her happy? A boyfriend.

Naturally, I am inclined to believe that I deserve a boyfriend more than anyone else I know...but I would never admit this because it just sounds desperate. So recently, my friend mentioned wanting a boyfriend and I asked if she wanted me to try setting them up on a date. Pretty much a very out-on-a-limb kind of thing to do, right? Because how much more awkward would that be, approacing this guy like, "So I know I sent you an email saying she wasn't interested in you as anything but a friend, but that is the thing I lied about saying she doesn't gush over you every day. Truth is, she is enamored with you and I want you to take her out on a date for Christmas."

I wish people could be mind readers when it comes to relationships...but that would mean the few guys I have been interested in would know it.

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