Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July, July, oh those Julies.

I like reading through my blogs. Yes, I am vain. I don't make any excuses for it. The funny thing about my vanity, is that I can't even think of something I have to be vain about! If someone asked me (which I'm glad no one has...) what my favorite feature of my anatomy is, I would be stumped. It's a surefire way to get me to stop talking.

"What's your favorite feature of your body?"

*insert crickets chirping*

Normally, the first answer would be my hair. However, my hair and I have been at odds lately. Sometimes I like how the long waves tumble down my back, the curls being ever so slightly mussled and unruly. Other times, I wish the dry corpse excuse of hair would take its amber waves that look like grain and hit the road! I seek soft, loose hair that is my natural color.

Note to self: don't let friends dye your hair anymore.

When I got a haircut before coming out here to Illinois (say that with a French accent...much more fun), I couldn't get over how ama-za-zing my hair felt. It was the perfect silky smooth texture I have been craving, and I'm really not sure if it is the straightener my stylist used or the product. So, I'll have to surrender more money to have her do my hair again and buy everything she uses on me. Next time though, I'll ask her to not straighten my hair. I'm sure that'll save me some product, and I don't ever straighten my hair. Talk about time consuming!

I'm big on saving time, actually. I also have a knack for wasting it. I don't know anyone who would dispute this fact.

Changing subjects, just because I got an email that reminded me of it...

There is another intern here (call him 5.0) who cracks me up. Not so much lately, but when I first emailed him, I couldn't stop laughing. 5.0 is a self-proclaimed poet--stop snickering, it gets better. I would email him the most mundane things for the sole purpose of seeing how ridiculous his response would be.

Did you know I do things for a reaction? That is truly my only hidden agenda, and now it's not even hidden. I love reactions and the element of surprise.

So anyway, I would sent out an email to invite the 'terns for a round of Phase 10 because that's the only game I brought with me, and...there's no better way to bond with strangers than over a semi-competetive game of cards, right? My email was simple:

"Hi, [5.0] :)

I hope you’re adjusting well to your job!

Mondays seem to be Phase 10 day for interns at lunch, so would you like to join us today at 1:00 in the caf?


His response:

"As much as I would love to me graced by my fellow interns’ company this afternoon, and engage in grand competition over a midday meal, I do, alas, have a meeting at that time. Hopefully, the fates shall smile down upon me, and I will be able to meet you good people in the very near future."

My response was much less eloquent.

Another time, I sent out an email because...well, this is what I sent (verbatim):

"Yes!! I found out how to change the font color for replying emails! The default font color is blue when you reply to an email, but mine is now black.

Muaha! Oh, if technology was a beast I would be the hunter it fears.

How is everyone doing today? Good weekends, I trust?


His response:

"Congrats in your epic quest. May all inboxes from henceforth fear the name Stephanie Rosemeyer, for she shall smite them whenever she crosses their decrepit existences. Forevermore, on this day, computers across the land will weep and gnash their teeth in the ancient computer tongue of binary, for on this day, their sins were exposed.

Blessings on you and your household,

Like his other email, I wasn't sure if I should reply back with some ghetto verbiage (which I am quite fluent in), or consult some Shakespeare and make a sonnet!!

Maybe this is my favorite one...

My email:

"Hi, [5.0] :)

If you’re interested, Amy and I will meet in the caf today around 12:45 for a round of Phase 10 and you’re more than welcome to join us.

Also, I wanted to apologize for not saying hi today in chapel. I didn’t realize you were sitting near me until I glanced over and by then it was too late. I’m not very good at the “late hello” thing.

Anyway, hope to see you at lunch!


His reply:

"Sounds good. I must also implore your pardons for the lack of salutations. I was almost certain of your identity as a fellow intern, and thus sat close by. However, as we have already established, greetings were not exchanged. The guilt is just as great upon my own brow. Let us, with great haste, put this conundrum out of our minds.

See you at 12:45 for great feasting and phasing,

I am sad to say, though, his recent emails have been much more conversational and I intend to ask him why he doesn't put forth any efforts to his emails anymore! Hahahahahaha

Yes...this is what I get paid to do every day. It's a shame I don't blog more often during work...

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