Friday, August 28, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

It's funny how my brain works.

As I was doing some facial maintenance, sitting on my mom's sink in her bathroom (where the lighting is best), I started thinking about a friend I had in high school who moved to Vegas and how I think I missed her birthday.

Maybe I should send her a card. No, then it'll be post-marked August 28th, and I think her birthday was a week ago. I'm not a very good friend to her.

Then I remembered my last trip to Vegas, when I went with my friend to celebrate graduating, my birthday, and a myriad of other festivities. I'm not one to combine celebrations because I like to get together with people and toast the close of an activity that is separate from an annual occurence (which is why I must marry someone whose birthday is not in April. That's my month, damnit!), but it was great to go to Vegas and really experience that mess. It's a hot mess.

Then I thought about the guy I first kiss while I was in Vegas; I enjoy the irony of something like a 22-year old having her first kiss happening in Sin City. But after I remembered Marcus and his pillow-like lips, I made the connection between my not complete nonchalonce, but complete inactivity in finding a boyfriend with that kiss and my activity on

I've talked with a number of guys, which is awesome because I'm putting myself out there like I wanted. The first guy I was interested in--Jeremy--ended up wanting to be Rapunzel. He didn't care if he ended up as the Disney version or the Grimm Brothers' version, blindly wandering the desert with twins, either.

Then there was Ben, the most boring and consistent guy ever. I liked that he would text me every day, but not that he would give me the inquisition about what I was doing that day. There's only so many ways I can say "I'm forcing a spring cleaning on my mom's unsuspecting house."

Gabe followed quickly thereafter. He was entirely fun--a paramedic who would tell me about the signs of death, procedures for getting people out of a car, and had a heart for the people he picked up on the stretcher. One story he told me was of a guy with Alzheimers, and he would check up on him in the hospital when he dropped a new patient off. Gabe was also very confusing to me because after a month of talking and failed attempts at meeting, he just stopped.

After Gabe was Dominic, the guy who said he was 24 on his profile, told me he was 27, and looked like he was 35. THe point of connection I enjoyed was that he didn't want kids, either, even if he couldn't exactly explain why not. After meeting him at the Irvine Spectrum, I was estatic that I was also talking to another guy who was available to meet me that day before my meeting with Dominic.

It was a disasterous meeting--I tried every avenue of conversation and all he did was look around at walls and keep a comfortable 4-foot distance between his self and me. I didn't mind too awfully, bit given that I had driven to the OC specifically to meet him, I wanted more of an effort where the conversation was concerned. It was fun telling him thanks but he should have a good night after walking down the tree-lined aisle by the parking structure in silence while he thought about how he could make the walk around the Spectrum even more awkward, while I could only scream with gratitude in my head for Kevin.

Kevin is very flexible and seems to have all the time in the world, even though he works at Outback and is getting his teaching credentials to teach high school history. When I found out that Dominic had to work late and wouldn't be able to meet me at 3, I asked Kevin if he was doing anything that would keep him from being interested in getting coffee with me. I felt bad because the day before, we had established that neither of us were looking for anything serious, so I thought I was pushing too hard.. but we had a great time at Kean, talking about school, movies, books, and room mates (among other things). He's a little inconsistent in terms of communication, but it doesn't matter because my first date was with someone who wasn't judging me on my appearance--and if he was, he didn't let it get in the way of a good conversation.

While I am still in touch with Kevin from time to time, I'm also talking with a firefighter named Diego. He reminds me of Gabe, so I am being cautious, but it's been fun talking with Diego, the guy who is more prone to calling me than texting, and always says goodnight before he goes off to sleep, even when he's on a job.

And now, it's 11:00 and I need to put some ABC JuicyFruit in the backyard to kill the gofers out there. I suppose I could wait and do it with my mom tomorrow.. I'll have to contemplate while I finish my facial maintenance right now.


the CoR said...

Damn girl. You've dated more guys in the past few months than I've even considered dating in my whole life! Haha. Work it!!

ConglomerateBeauty said...

I don't consider it dating because:
1. Except for Kevin and Dominic, I have not met any of them
2. Dating requires a certain amount of commitment from both parties, and no one has asked me about my level of commitment or anything :D

I think those are reason enough, lol. But yeah, I plan on working it like it's going out of style (because I suspect it is)!!