Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The New Markus in my Life

I'm not going to wait around all night until my disk cleanup and defragmenter are finished.. at some point, sleep must happen for me.

But I'm excited to apply for this job I found tonight. There is a position in Berkeley as an editor's assistant. Even though it's for children fiction, I am excited for the opportunity. The great thing about publishing houses is that it seems like every single one somehow tracks back to Random House, which is a company I've wanted to work at since I heard the name.

Because I am random and enjoy random things.

Like the banned TV ads I was just watching.. something about a mobster milk man. There was a 16 minute video to explain why a milk man joined the mafia in the first place, which is unnecessary because there's only two things that motivate men: food and sex so it's an easy puzzle.. but then I figured I would write the blog and see how many times I end up burning my fingertips because my computer is hot like lava, and I don't exactly have a "Backspace" key anymore.

Anyway, when you get a chance.. forget that, whether or not you get a chance, you need to read The Book Thief because it is brilliantly poetic, lyrical, and straightforward. Markus Zusak is a brilliant author and I am excited to read more of his work.

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