Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cling on...Something Else.

Dear friend,

You updated your Facebook status to "Feels like she is being avoided." That was two minutes after I ignored your phone call. I'll be honest behind your back--I am avoiding you. You're clingy, needy, desperate, and I don't have the time to deal with your insecurities, issues, and wanton lust for my attention. Can you please understand what I am busy taking 18 units, publishing a book, writing 50 pages of a shit manuscript (which really means I'm taking 21 units), and dealing with my life? I know I've been there for you in your need for the past three and a half years. Can't you stop being in my face for a while?

Irritated to be sucked in,


Emil said...

im sorry i wont cling anymore :)

ConglomerateBeauty said...


I would much prefer you because you wouldn't drag me to Ross. Or want to get ice cream at midnight, even though I'm in my PJ's. Or take advantage of a free moment I have for a "quick 10-minute Del Taco run" and drive around for 45 minutes because you "don't want to take [me] back."

Yes, this has happened. Not ok.

kristi said...

oh man, where have you been all my life. one of these days, i'll meet you in real life.... and then i'll fall in non-sexual love and be all clingy and you'll write sassy posts about me... sigh.....