Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rated M for Mature

Oh, Lord.

I've signed up for match.com.

I've got an email from some 44 year old man who thinks he's Indiana Jones, an Asian accountant who wants to talk about karma, and a Latino who works at Knott's Berry Farm. I'm being nice, and I replied to their less-than-interesting messages.

Now, the accountant is rambling about treating people with respect and wants to know why I judge people, the guy from Knott's is telling me about his weight loss capabilities despite being surrounded by fried chicken, and the old man wants "my cell, baby." Right, Austin Powers.

Oh, Lord. Have mercy.

On the bright side, I messaged people I am interested in. I even sent winks to people. I don't care if they respond or not.

My friend signed up on the site before me. We also email. I prefer her emails.


the CoR said...

Yipes. I'd do eHarmony. I think it's less sketch. They don't have commercials with obsessive compulsive people complaining about why they can't get hooked up with someone...

Hannah said...

please tell me all about your adventures next time we talk in real life.