Sunday, October 26, 2008

Burr At Me

I am so excited right now.

I just bought my luggage for when I go to Europe for Christmas.

I am practically there already.

Saturday, I applied for my passport, today I bought my luggage.

What does it look like? you ask? Please, let me show you.

This little treasure is my carry-on tote. I will use it to store my goodies, souvenirs, and overnight items, or even packing for mini trips, if need be.

The main luggage piece is this amazing rectangle right here:

A lovely specimen, is it not, of luggage finery? As one friend described it, "[it] looks like it may have been on a highlanders bare ass!!!"

I know you're dying to know what that looks like.


OMG I am so deliriously happy about going to Europe. You have no idea.

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