Sunday, October 19, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

"What if your husband wants to have kids?"

Seriously. I hate hearing this question. If people who asked me this just thought about it for a second, they would realize how stupid it is.

I went and had pie with my friend tonight and she said this to me. I didn't intend on bringing it up, but I pulled my card.

"What if your husband didn't want kids?" I said this to my friend, the lady who wants as many kids as she has eggs.

"Well, I would say 'too bad for you,'" she concluded.

She still didn't get my point, so I clarified.

"Look, if the man is really the husband God has planned for me, he isn't going to want kids."
"But what if he does? What if you get pregnant?"
"What would you do if you never got pregnant?"

She stopped and thought. "Well, that would suck."

I do this sort of thing with everyone who brings the topic up. People know I do not like kids. They're gross. I don't want that kind of responsibility dumped on me, and I don't want to deal with building up an ethical, smart, and self-respecting person in this shit society. I am also too selfish to want to make my life revolve around someone other than me.

I wish people would understand that not every woman has a natural desire to want to be a mother. Not every person's purpose is to raise a family, and it irritates me when people look at me as if they are scandalized that I, a woman, do not want to employ the God-given talents of my breasts for anything other than sexual pleasure.

No thanks. My boobs are for a man. Hah!

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