Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything in Abundance

I feel sick. Queasy. Nauseous. Perturbed. Anxious. Indecisive. Unsure.

Undistinguished. And I need to pee.

For the past two hours, I've been researching grad schools. I have information about the requirements for Purdue, Fullerton, Northwestern, UCSD, Berkeley, and Cornell (in order of preference). I want to study linguistics, but if I go to Purdue, I would be more inclined to delve into their 18th Century Literature program.

UCI's website is really confusing and I should probably get more information about the English programs available at the University of Chicago.

I have many reservations about going to grad school and I kind of want to go teach ESL somewhere just to be active while I study for the GRE.

I should look up international grad schools. My professors need to get in touch with me because if I have to write something up for my Master's degree, then I don't think linguistics will be a right fit for what I have in mind.

I still need to pee.

Today, for a Sigma Tau Delta event, we went and read books to kids. I read one about a family who is very incompetent in handling their dog and another about a clingy girl and an adventurous bear called Corduroy.

I was much more enthusiastic than that voice. It was surprising how much I enjoyed reading to kids, given that I don't like them.

My dad thinks I should take a test to become a substitute teacher. It's $250, whereas the GRE is $150. I thought my expenses would be minimal after graduation. I also have to pay application fees for grad apps (at least $55 each) and the schooling deal for the ESL class is nearly $900 on one website. Hot damn.

I want to just stay in school, get BA's in everything but math and science, and get an editing job back at Tyndale. I could even skip the BA's and go straight for editing at Tyndale. I should email the PR lady and ask if there are any jobs available, even though the website has been bereft of career opportunities for months. Ok, weeks.

Stupid bills.


Hannah said...

You and I!

First off--France and ESL. I feel it.

Second off--Good job with the kids today

Third--Not looking forward to failing tomorrow. I'm bad at standardized tests

And I guess I'll throw a fourth--we're the best English majors in town

(Oh, and I didn't know you could get multiple BAs...Is that really possible?)

the CoR said...

That wasn't the first time you read Corduroy was it? That book owns.

ConglomerateBeauty said...

I don't know if multiple BA's is possible, but like I always say--With GOD all things are possible!! Haha

And no, my brother used to <3 the Corduroy books when he was younger and I would read it. But I grew up reading Berenstain Bears (which I always though was spelled "Bearenstine"), Barbar, and Dr. Suess books.