Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Installment

I am here to introduce a new edition to my blog: Fitness Sundays.

Every Sunday, I will give an outline of the exercises and/or eating plans I have for the week, along with my current weight. By doing this, I am hopeful that my shame will spur me to shed my lard-laden body.

Starting today!
Weight: Wayyy the hell too much (214.8, without pants)
Height: 5'7

Hello, blog readers!
Upcoming week:
This week will be another busy one, and my friend is getting married on Sunday. I am the maid of honor. They are Italian. Fatness will be rampant!

I plan to counteract the horrible food choices I will be making on Sunday by eating through the food pyramid like I usually do, and be sure to NOT eat anything excessively. For example, I try to limit my sugar intake to once a week. For dessert tonight, I had an ice cream cone so that should be all I have.

As far as working out...I don't know what will happen. Maybe some DDR, added to my walking furiously around campus to go from class to class to work to class, etc.

Mmm. Yeah. Let's see how this works.

Welcome to the most embarrassing aspect of my life!


the CoR said...

This would probably be way effective if I did it... but I do not have the balls. I commend you.

ConglomerateBeauty said...

I do not have the balls, either. I'm about thisclose to deleting it. Gross.

Thank you for the commendation though. It's helpful :)

Emil said...

i agree with corri....go you!!!